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Nimmo are a unique electronic group whose nocturnal escapism can be traced back to a decade-long friendship. Born and raised in North West London, co-vocalists Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett met on the first day of secondary school, when they were sat together by the teacher. Lives lived in parallel lend their lyrics a confessional air, whilst the blend of unfaltering dance beats, punk roots and euphoric harmonies are the result of intimate, unguarded experimentation.

Nimmo began to be drawn closer to the pulsating 80s pop of Tears for Fears, the modern synth-work of Little Dragon, and the desire to capture the band’s natural live energy on tape, in the manner of bands like Talking Heads. This can be heard in the latest offering of ‘Too Late’, in which the heart ache of a lost relationship grates cathartically against Mike Skinner – esque synths. From their telepathic bond that is knotted through the two disobedient schoolgirls (“she’s my bezzie, innit”) to their thick-as-thieves live show on the road, there’s no one quite like Nimmo.

Agent: Abi Hand
+44 (0)20 70431746