Sink The Pink

Available for Live / DJ Sets

2019 saw the biggest summer to date for Sink The Pink. Appearing on stages across the world and performing at Pride events with Spice Girl’s Melanie C in Sao Paolo, Madrid, Cologne, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Belfast, UK and the enormous New York Pride in Times Square.

Sink the Pink has grown to become one of the most recognised and progressive queer nights across the UK. Their dedication to freedom of expression and fun has attracted a broad range of audiences as well as collaborations with huge brands and such as Magnum, YSL and Google as well as artists such as Little Mix, Years & Years, Pink plus many more.

The LGBTQ+ collective have successfully brought their queer show of fantasy, drag and debauchery to nearly every corner of the globe. From the humble beginnings in East London, Sink The Pink have had over a decade of delivering their inclusive drag parties to sold out venues wherever they go and it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Recent Clients: Google / Magnum / YSL / Selfridges

+44 (0)20 70431746